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No One Should Have to Overpay for Electricity

You probably pay more for your business’ electricity usage than you realize. Utility companies always expect prompt payment, and as a business owner, you have bigger fish to fry. So, you pay that bill without a second thought. But those bills keep adding up. Month after month, your workplace consumes massive amounts of energy, and before you know it, you’ve lost thousands of dollars to your utility company that you didn’t have to lose

Take control of your business’ energy usage. Invest in a sustainable LED lighting solution at a net-zero cost. And never overpay for electricity again.

We don't just care about energy.

We care about you.

You Can Transform Your Business Into A Sustainable Workplace

LED lighting solutions are more complex than most of us think.  Lighting needs for a school are quite different than those for an auto body shop, for instance. While a “one size its all” dream solution sounds wonderful, reality is more complicated. That’s where we come in! With 30 years of energy experience understanding how all of this works, we help you transform your workplace into a safe, sustainable environment that your employees and customers will love.

Our team makes LED upgrades simple and stress-free. We transition your business to an affordable LED lighting solution, saving you money, energy, and time along the way.

1. Show us your bills

We analyze your utility costs to find potential savings. These savings fully cover the cost of your upgrade.

2. Craft your solution

Our expert team will assess your workplace and customize an improvement plan unique to your business.

3. Install your lights

We’ll gladly work with your favorite electrician or consult one of our own fully-insured contracting partners.

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