Leading the way through sustainable energy

Many people waste tens of thousands of dollars on utility bills every year. Not only that, but they waste precious energy and harm the planet. At NetZero Rocky Mountains, we provide end-to-end LED lighting solutions to help transform your work environment into a safe sustainable place your employees and customers will love. 

American-designed and -engineered

NetZero Rocky Mountains is an American company, with American-designed and -engineered products. While most customers come to us from the mountains of Colorado, we also help customers across the entire front range.

Our Carbon Footprint

So far, we’ve helped over 100 clients transition to a more sustainable lighting solution, saving both energy and money along the way. Here is a snapshot of the impact these changes have had in our community:

  • Electric KWH Saved = 1,383,000 kwh/year
  • CO2 emission equivalent = 1050 US tons
  • Annual greenhouse gas equivalent = 188 cars
  • Barrels of oil reduced = 2,212
  • Gallons of gasoline saved = 38,557
  • CO2 emissions from home = 82 homes
  • Carbon sequester by tree = 24,482 tree seedlings over 10 years
  • Carbon sequester by tree acres = 200 acres



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