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End-to-end commercial LED lighting solutions

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A comprehensive approach that works.

Many businesses generally look at one of two options when deciding to upgrade their lighting:

  1. Calling their electrician to “just get it fixed”
  2. Hopping onto Amazon or visiting a local hardware store

While both of these options might result in a “brighter” work space, they don’t address the business’ desired outcomes. With 30 years of energy experience, we’ve successfully helped our clients switch to sustainable, more efficient energy and save thousands of dollars a year on their utility bills. Our customized LED lighting solutions properly blend the significant energy savings of LED’s with your expected financial outcomes and improved work environment expectations. 

Commercial LED Lighting Solution

You Can Transform Your Business Into A Sustainable Workplace

LED lighting solutions aren’t as simple as you’d think.  Lighting needs for a hospital are quite different than those for a retail store, for instance. While a “one size its all” dream solution sounds amazing, reality is more complex. With 30 years of energy experience understanding how all of this works, NetZero Rocky Mountains can help you transform your workplace into a safe, sustainable environment that your employees and customers will love.

Our team makes LED upgrades simple and stress-free. We transition your business to an affordable LED lighting solution, saving you money, energy, and time along the way.

1. Show us your bills

We analyze your utility costs to find potential savings. These savings fully cover the cost of your upgrade.

2. Craft your solution

Our expert team will assess your workplace and customize an improvement plan unique to your business.

3. Install your lights

We’ll gladly work with your favorite electrician or consult one of our own fully-insured contracting partners.

American Engineered LED Technology

NetZero USA designs and manufactures our industry-leading products right here at home. Our lights will last. And they'll look amazing.

No Out-of-Pocket Expense

With our Z.E.R.O. Funding Program®, you don't have to pay out-of-pocket. Instead, we use the money you’re currently over-paying to your utility to fund your LED solution.

Comprehensive Lighting Evaluation

We assess your facility, note areas of improvement, and enhance your work environment by mitigating energy waste. And we do all of this free of charge.

We Protect Our Clients

You deserve the best protection. We combine our Non-Prorated Warranty, Performance Guarantee, and on-site warranty service to ensure we deliver on our promise.

Commercial LED Lighting Solutions For Any Business


Improve the safety of your workplace and use energy more efficiently. Whether you're a mechanic, a banker, a business owner, or a manufacturer, we can help you transition to a more sustainable LED lighting solution.

Retail Businesses

Increase your sales by guiding your customer to your most critical products with proper lighting. And improve your customers' sense of security and their overall mood when shopping at your locations.

Horticulture Plants

Produce higher yields with commercial grade LED Full Spectrum and Spectrum Specific Grow Lights. Learn how to adjust the light throughout the growing process to accommodate your plants.


Proper lighting is critical in the healthcare industry, because different rooms require different colors or light temperature. Our professionals use the correct lighting to meet the needs of your desired application.

Government Municipalities

Eliminate unnecessary overhead costs and redistribute funds where they're needed most. Upgrading to LED lights also gives your building a positive carbon footprint, which can help with different grants.

Non-Profit Organizations

Eliminate unnecessary overhead costs and redistribute funds where they're needed most. Upgrading to LED lights also gives your building a positive carbon footprint, which can help with different grants.

When you switch to an LED lighting solution, you:

People. Plants. Possibilities. At NetZero Rocky Mountains, our mission is to cultivate a future of net-zero energy consumption. We do this by helping one business at a time, crafting a solution unique to each company’s financial and environmental goals. Our customers come from every business sector imaginable: from healthcare and non-profits to retail and commercial business. We have helped many businesses transition successfully into a sustainable LED lighting solution. If you have lights over your head, we can help you, too!

Free LED Analysis

Our technicians come right to your business and assess your current utility costs and energy usage. This analysis comes at no cost to you, because we absorb the cost of your upgrade into your utility savings. In other words, there is no out-of-pocket expense. And on top of that, you save money in the future. During this Free Energy Analysis, we will:

Free LED Analysis!

At absolutely no cost to you, we will: